Any order made at this website may be paid “online” by a Visa or MasterCard.
Payment with credit cards of the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard is ensured by the PayOnline processing centre.
When you pay an order by a bank card, the processing of payment (including entering of the card number) proceeds at a secure page of the processing system, which has passed international certification. This means that when paying for the goods and other services related to their sale your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) do not come to us - their processing will be fully protected by the above system.
When working with the card data, the standard for protecting the information developed by the international payment systems Visa и MasterCard - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is used, which ensures safe processing of the bank card details. The applied data transfer technology guarantees the security of transactions with bank cards by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa, Secure Code protocols, and private banking networks with the highest degree of protection.
When the order is paid by a bank card, refunding is made on the card from which the payment was made.


When making-out an order you should give the following data:
 - ORDER delivery address;
 - contact phone of the ORDER RECIPIENT.
 - date and time interval of delivery.
After that, you have to select the Payment method – “Bank Card”.
The order can be paid online only after it has been agreed with you by phone or e-mail and delivered for processing by the manager of the online shop.
For payment by a bank card it is necessary to enter the information into the following fields:
- select the type of the payment system (Visa, MasterCard);
- give the card number (16 digits at the front of the card);
- enter the CVC / CVV number which is printed at the back of the card (three digits on the signature strip);
- name and surname of the card holder (exactly as they are written at the front of the card);
- card validity period which is written at the front of your card.
Upon successful completion of the payment within 1-15 minutes you should receive a notification of a successful transaction from our online shop and from the bank.
Note: if all the details are entered correctly, and all the fields are filled in, but the payment fails, you should immediately contact our managers by phone 8-800-333-33-25. Do not try to pay for the order more than 3 times, since after the problem is solved, you shall not be able to make a payment with this card earlier that 24 hours after the last attempt.
Payment may fail for the following reasons:
- insufficient balance on the card (it is necessary to refill the account);
- your bank card does not support 3D Secure technology or the payment service via the Internet is not connected (in this case, you should contact your bank by the hotline given at the back of the card and activate the service);
- transaction does not pass through the filter of the PayOnline monitoring system.
Please note, that if for any reason you decided to give up the paid goods before it was delivered to you, you shall inform our managers thereof no later than one day after the payment in order to cancel the transaction. In this case, the money will automatically return only on your card from which the payment was made within one week. The exact time period depends on the bank that issued the card.