Delivery of the goods is carried out within the territory of the Russian Federation to the following cities:
  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg 
Delivery time depends on the availability of the goods in stock and your location. Thus, the delivery within Moscow and within 100 km from the Moscow Ring Road is carried out within 2-7 business days; to St. Petersburg and outside the Ring Road, within 3-10 business days.

Goods are delivered from Monday through Friday (except public holidays) from 09-00 to 18-00 in 2 time intervals: from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 13.00 to 18.00.
You can choose the exact delivery date and time interval when making an order at the website under the section “Delivery”.

1 hour before the delivery the driver will contact you at the phone number given in the order

Shipping is done to the apartment door or hallway (corridor) of the buyer and includes, in particular, lifting to the floor of the building specified in the order and carrying of the goods to the room (apartment, cottage, country house) of the buyer (in two-level apartments, multi-storey cottages and country houses the goods are brought to the ground floor of the building). The goods are not carried into the apartment, if the distance between the door frame or the wall and the side of the product in packaging from each side is less than five centimetres.

Cost of delivery is calculated individually according to the Current tariffs:
  • for the city of Moscow and within 100 km from the Moscow Ring Road:
Delivery of goods (order)* Tariff / Price VAT inclusive, roub. (tariff measurement unit)
Servicing / service provision area
Within the city limits** Within 50 km from the city Within 50-100 km from the city
Order volume less than  0.2 m3 440 600 760
Order volume  from 0.21 to  0.4 m3 650 800 950
Order volume from 0.41 m3 to 0.9 m3 800 840 1 100
Order volume from 0.91 m3 to 1.5 m3 1 100 1 250 1 500
  • for St.Petersburg:
Delivery of goods* Tariff / Price VAT inclusive, roub. (tariff measurement unit)
Servicing / service provision area
Within the city limits** Within 50 km from the city
Order volume less than  0.2 m3 740 990
Order volume from 0.21 to  0.4 m3 1 250 1 590
Order volume from 0.41 m3 to 0.9 m3 1840 2,390
Order volume from 0.91 m3 to 1.5 m3 2 885 3 575

* Service of the goods (order) delivery is calculated proceeding from the volume of goods (order) and with regard for the distance to the destination specified in the order.
** For Moscow and St. Petersburg the city limits are: in Moscow – the Moscow Ring Road; in St. Petersburg - the Ring Road.

At the time of placing the order at this website it is important:
To give the full name of the order recipient (the person who will receive the ordered goods at the time of their delivery).

Recommendations for acceptance of the goods.
The recipient of the order shall produce the proof of identity, the surname and name in which should correspond to the surname and name given by the Buyer in the ordering process in the column “Full name of the recipient of the order”. In the absence of this document (as well as in case of a discrepancy between the data contained therein and the data of the Recipient of the order specified when ordering), the Seller (Delivery Services representative) shall have the right not to hand over the Goods with placing the related costs on the Buyer (delivery of the Goods to the place specified in the Order and their return to the warehouse).

! PLEASE NOTE, that if you have no possibility to accept the goods on the date and within the delivery time interval selected by you at the time of placing the order, you should inform about this not later than 1 business day prior to the original date of delivery by contacting the Customer Services by e-mail or contact phone 8-800-333-33-25 and agree on a new delivery date.

If the postponement of the delivery date is made by the Buyer after the above deadline, the cost of delivery of such goods will be: in Moscow and within 100 km from Moscow – 3,000 roubles; in St. Petersburg and within 50 km from the Ring Road – 4,000 roubles .
Simultaneously with transfer of the goods, the following documents are handed over to the buyer:
  • Sales receipt
  • Warranty card
  • Operating Instructions on the goods in the Russian language
Before signing the sales receipt, carefully inspect the appearance of the goods for the absence of visible mechanical damage; check the completeness, availability and correctness of filling of the documents. You can make claims to the appearance of the goods delivered to you only before the goods have been handed over to you. If you have a claim to the appearance of the goods after you have received them, you will, unfortunately, have to prove that the appearance of the goods had been disturbed immediately prior to their acceptance.
If the goods are handed over to the buyer in violation of the contract terms relating to the quantity, variety, quality, completeness, containers and (or) the packaging of the goods, the buyer can within 20 days after receiving the goods notify the seller of these violations.
According to the results of inspection you shall have the right to refuse to receive the goods by issuing an act of refusal.
  • Before using the goods, carefully read the operational manual! Under no circumstances you should violate the terms of such manual; it may lead to an impossibility of making warranty repairs!
For the entire warranty period we recommend you to keep the sales receipt, warranty card and Operational Manual for the product in the Russian language.
In case of the Buyer’s refusal from the goods of adequate quality (the colour, size, etc., did not suit him), the Buyer shall pay the cost of the expenses on their delivery to the address given by him when drawing-up the order, as well as expenses on returning the goods to the Seller in accordance with the applicable tariffs set by Elica Trading Company for Moscow and St. Petersburg.